Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mysterious Eye

Dancing Flames

I love how the flames are broght and light up the whole photo and the entire background. I like the balance of the black and the flames. The way the fire dances in the blackness and the sparks flying off makes the photo almost magical.

Circle Reflextion

I really like how the oval curve makes a circle in the reflextion. I love how the water doesn't have a distinct line of where the water and air meet. I should focus on capturing just the shape I want to capture and illiminate the background.

Unforced Smile

I was able to capture a lovely but not forced smile. It captures the happy personality through his facial expressions and the softness in his eyes. I really like this photo. I can improve by trying to focus on capturing peoples personality without them noticing.

Concrete Stones

This photo captures the small rocks in the concrete ground. The colours of the different stones makes the photo almost colourful and the texture really stands out from the ground. I think i should focus on a smaller area of the ground to capture more of the texture so that the photo doesn't just look two dimensional.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Line to the sky

 I found this photo very interesting looking as it looks like a fan above the pole. It gives the photo an interesting look and makes you curious about what that shape is above the pole. I really like this photo alot.

King Charles Cavaliar

Im not entirely sure if this is classfied as a portrait but I really like this photo of the dog.  The photo of the dog gives you a soft and mysterious look to him. The way his ruby coloured fur stands out against the green background is quite nice. I need to improve by focusing more on the expressions through eyes and facial features.

Orchard Flower

The contrast of the purple against the white and yellow makes the photo quite magical. I was exceptionally happy that I was able to get the background around the flower to blur and look almost black. I would need to improve on focusing on the inner part if the flower and making it stand out more.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Sunset in Sandhurst

I really like the reflextion of the sky on the water and how the sunset colours contrast nicely with the grey colour of the clouds. The stillness of the water can allow the photograph be flipped upside down which is absolutely amazing.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bottlebrush Beauty

I love the way that I was able to capture the beautiful detail of this lovely bottlebrush flower and the little leaves sprouting on the top of the flower. The sun on the day also makes the flower look brighter.

Tree Skin

The texture of the tree gave an interesting look, I like the look of the specks of earth colours among the grey of the tree. I actually the way that the picture is not entirely covered by the tree.

Grass Swamp

This pictures gives people (at least me) the feeling of being small and wondering through the grass as if it was a whole new world. It looks like a grass like swamp which I found very cool.

In Flight

The way the pink stands out from the green background makes the picture more magical. The blurred background behind the bird gives the audience the feel of the bird actually in flight. I really love this photo.

Linking Chains

I like the way the photo captures the detail of the chains close to the bottom then slowly gets blurry as the link gets further away. I believe that my horzion should be more straight and not on an angle.

Rainy Day Bench

The way that the pictures has a linear perspective as it converges at the end. I love how everything is blurred except for a small patch was water drops on the bench.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Across the bridge of divide

I like the way that on one side of the bride is grass while on the other side it is brown and dry.

Alone in the grass

I like the way the flower stands out in the grass. It contrasts nicely with the green background.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Welcome to my blog.
Within digital photogrpahy I very much enjoy pictures that capture the beauty of nature, the detail of wildlife and photos that can deceive the mind. Macro images of animals that show the detail of their skin capture my attention. However, I do enjoy looking at pictures that are unusual, creative and give a different feel to what is actually represented.